WHY the Pivotal ASA™?


If you’re like most professionals, you are looking for a guaranteed growth market; there are none like the market with seniors and their families. Founder Barry Lebow said it best when he commented ‘The senior market is business longevity insurance!’

If you’re like most professionals, you don’t know where to start. Over the last 11 years, we have empowered almost 4,000 professionals  to successfully make their mark in this exciting segment of the market.

If you’re like most professionals, you are wondering some, or all, of the following things:

  1. Where do I find seniors to work with?
    (Don’t worry – we’ll train you how to find them right in front of you!)
  2. What will I say to them to get them to hire me?
    (We’ll train you with non-manipulative dialogues that are proven over 20+ years to be highly effective!)
  3. Why should they choose me, if I don’t have lots of experience with seniors?
    (We’ll train you to genuinely be THE person they want to work with!)
  4. How can I market to them?
    (We’ll train you on the most effective methods; we’ll train you to discover what is important to the seniors in your world, and we provide many tools to use!)

We think a recent student put it really well:

This course is a rock solid foundation for anyone who wants to know more about how they can provide better service and knowledge to their clients.

If you are on the fence about this course, think of these three things:

#1 is the fact that this is going to help you provide better service to your clients.

#2 is it is going to set you apart from your colleagues and competitors in your industry. It’s going to say that you have a level of expertise and knowledge that others around you are not going to have.

#3 is that it will widen your horizons and give you better questions to ask your clients.

There’s a lot of personal development that comes from this course. I know personally that I feel better prepared to help my mother as she begins her process of deciding what is her next step.

We could talk about the fact that we are 100% Canadian. We could talk about the quantity and quality of the tools and resources we have had created for you. We could talk about the fact that all of our in-class instructors are dynamic, highly-successful active agents working with seniors in their business today. But we won’t.

Instead, let’s talk about how you will learn.

First of all is the classroom experience – two jam-packed days of interactive learning that includes real-world sample situations. You receive, via email, a follow-along manual to make notes on the slides presented. Once the in-class is completed, you will receive an invite to participate in 4 x 90- minute webinars titled ‘Going Deeper’ (see a snippet under the Training menu). As the name suggests, these interactive events will take you deeper into the minds and dynamics of seniors and their families, thus enabling you to build stronger, richer relationships with them. In addition to this, you receive access to our private Facebook group where you can download all of the tools and systems for your business (worth thousands of dollars!), as well as the full ASA Reference Manual.

You will also be introduced to the importance of being ‘connected’ to Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc., due to being a Pivotal ASA™. You will learn how you can leverage the services they offer across the seniors services arena to do more business, save more time, make more money, and, perhaps most importantly, how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

What does this ‘Pivotal Connection’ mean to you? As a REALTOR®, no longer are you walking into networking events, presentations to groups, and meetings with retirement residences as ‘Just Another Commission-Hungry Agent!’ For all professionals, you are walking in as part of a nation-wide company that offers services in many areas of the seniors market. And that means more money in YOUR pocket!

For more information on why the Pivotal ASA™ is the only logical choice to turbocharge your business, visit the FAQ section of this site.