A Webinar Snippet

As part of the Pivotal ASA™ Training, you are invited to a series of 4 x 90-minute LIVE webinars. Titled ‘Going Deeper’, these webinars take a deeper, more comprehensive look into the things that make working with seniors and their families different. You also have the opportunity to view previously-recorded versions of these webinars on our private Pivotal Licensees Facebook page.

There is no charge for these webinars, and they are not required, however they are extremely valuable to those wishing to achieve the highest levels of success in the senior marketplace. The knowledge you will gain from the webinars will empower you to serve your clients more successfully and reap the rewards of greater satisfaction and increased referrals.

Below is a snippet from one of the webinars . . .

Pivotal ASA™ Transition VS Transaction


Most real estate companies, with tens of thousands of agents, are happy to get 20-30 people sign up for their webinars; we are consistently getting 3 times that many, due to the value delivered!