Pivotal Master ASA™ Winter Advance 2020

Welcome to the Winter 2020 Advance!

Because we have Finding the Gold In the Silver Market event the day before, we are making this a single-day Advance.

It is our intention that we all share our takeaways from the Finding the Gold Conference at the Advance. We will also be talking about the new relationships that Pivotal has formed, and how YOU can leverage them in your business.

In addition to that, we are asking that you present to us on the things in your business that are working well. If you have a particular topic that you would like to do a presentation on, let us know and we will fit you in.

We are speaking with a couple of outside people about their coming to present to us, and will keep you posted.

To book accommodations, I found prices at this link to be better than Trivago, Kayak, etc. www.torontomississaugawest.hamptoninn.com

Venue: Hampton Inn 2085 N. Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON 905-823-8600 (Same venue we have used before)

January 16th, 2020. 9:00 to 4:30 Lunch, Coffee & Snacks are included.

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