Videos for REALTORS®

These videos provide a wide range of information for Pivotal-ASA’s™, Pivotal Master-ASA’s™, and REALTORS® in general.

This first video explains a lot about the ASA program, and is an integral piece of the in-class experience. Whether you are an ASA™ or not, you should watch this.

How Senior Friendly is your Website? from IlluminAge on Vimeo.

This ‘Exploding Your Business’ webinar will introduce you to a different kind of specialist, the CEA (Certified Executor Advisor). You should watch this and then find those designees in your area.

10 Reasons Why You Should Renew Your ASA™ or Master ASA™ License

An Introduction to Pivotal-ASA™

Pivotal Consulting

Pivotal Consulting Fillable Referral Form

Pivotal ASA™ Trailer

A Glimpse Into the Pivotal Master-ASA™

Retrieve Your Invoice

Pivotal’s Relationship Marketing Webinar