The ASA™ PLUS Program

The Pivotal ASA PLUS™ Program is the bridge between the introductory level of the ASA™ and the high-level Master ASA™ Program’s. The ASA PLUS™ will challenge your brain with some general business learnings that help across the board, as well as a couple that are senior-specific.

These are the required modules for the Pivotal ASA™ PLUS program. You can watch them in any sequence you like. Some of them have one or two places where you are asked to pause the video and make some notes that you then email to us. Total time requirement for each of the videos is approximately 60 minutes or less. There is no specific sequence in which to watch them.

The first video is titled Choice Management, and covers how to make choices that will allow you to maximize your use of time. Experience, both ours and hundreds of others, shows that working with seniors can be more time consuming than working with other clients. As a result of this, it is important that you maximize your use of time so your business doesn’t overrun your life.

The second video is titled Advanced Choice or Circumstance, a follow-on to the Choice or Circumstance segment of the ASA™ Program that you took. We are confident that, upon completing this session, you will truly see the powerful effect that actions by choice and reactions to circumstances can have on life’s journeys.

The third video is titled Your UVP / Perfect Offer, and serves to simplify the often onerous task of crafting your message effectively.

The fourth video is titled Get Paid For The Work You Do, and is supplemental to the information that was shared during the ASA™ Program.

The fifth video is title Understanding the Person, which is the true key to having the type of working experiences you wish to have with the clients you want to work with.

The sixth video is titled Wow Your Database‘, and contains a system for analyzing your database and feeding them (anyone over their mid-40’s) value in regards to the stresses they will encounter when having to help their elderly parents.

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The ASA PLUS Program offers a much deeper level of education on 6 key topics that were introduced during the ASA™ Program. Your investment is $350 + HST