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We are often asked “What makes the Pivotal ASA™ Program better than the alternatives?”, so we’d like to take this opportunity to explain some history of the ASA™ Program, it’s relationship with Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., provide you with some glimpses into the ASA™ Program,  and close with a side-by-side comparison of the ASA™ and the SRES® Programs.

The History

Back in 2006, ASA™ Founder Barry Lebow was asked if he would like to license the SRES® program and deliver it across Canada. Barry took the course, decided he could create a better, Canadian, program, and the ASA™ Program was launched in late 2007. At that time, the program was approved by RECO for a total of 11 CE Credits.

By 2010, Barry was so passionate about working with senior clientele that he brought Chris Newell, a Realtor® with the experience of working with some 1,200 seniors and their families, in to teach and grow the program under Barry’s guidance.

April 1st, 2012 saw the launch of the Master ASA™ Program, an elevated step to the ASA™ program that requires more education and more experience in working with seniors and their families.

January 1st, 2017 saw the acquisition of the ASA™ Program by Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc., a move made to broaden the services offered by both Pivotal and the ASA™/Master ASA™.

As a pillar of the Pivotal Aging Innovations™ organization, ASA’s™ and Master ASA’s™ have the opportunity to be seen differently by the numerous fields of professionals who work with seniors and their families; to be seen as a consultant whose only goal is to guide the client towards the best, informed decision for their circumstances.

Benefits of the Pivotal – ASA™ Relationship

We can all agree that relationships are the foundations to success and the first level to a successful relationship is trust.  As the ASA™ and MASTER-ASA™ progressed over the years, it was apparent that trust was an issue when the senior’s industry and the families of seniors were inquiring about REALTOR® services.  Despite the designation, building trust is a challenge.  Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., was developed, in part so that trust could be formed outside the perception of real estate.   The owners of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., came from 2 separate but powerful backgrounds.  One from the Long Term Care and Retirement Home industries, with a focus on Person Centred Care and Ministry of Health’s mandate for Policy and Procedures and the other as a business owner, REALTOR® and Canada’s first Master-Accredited Senior Agent™.  The organization was based on offering Innovative programs and services to older adults at a Pivotal time in their lives thus the name Pivotal Aging Innovations.

Pivotal began to develop programs and training that empowered other professionals when working with older adults.  As previously mentioned, the ASA™ and MASTER-ASA™ were acquired and redeveloped to offer a true person centred training experience beyond the standards of any competing program.  The idea is that regardless of who you are, what your status or position is or what your financial means are, you will be or may have been faced with an aging parent.  For many, the transition can be extremely stressful, guilt ridden and completely confusing as you try to navigate the systems, the options and the questions of ‘who can help me?’.  The Pivotal ASA™ training programs offers an array of post course education, training or options for those seeking to advance themselves within this unique niche.  For us, it’s not about creating a competing course, it’s about empowering professionals to do more, know more and deliver more all within a vulnerable sector of our society…your parents, our seniors!  In fact, the ASA™ goes beyond just seniors.  it can also be applied to those who are simply considered vulnerable such as those requiring accessibility, cognition aide, respite care or age in place solutions.  It also touches on the capacity of this demographic (see our copy of Capacity Guidelines for Agents and Brokerages).

As our relationships grow so does our offering of Innovative solutions.  Pivotal advanced a Joint venture with Senioropolis Inc. in registering and launchingSeniorCareAccess.com.  This is currently Canada’s largest unbiased database of senior housing solutions across Canada.  It offers a professional referral consulting program (ASA’s are encouraged to leverage this resource) as well as marketing opportunities within a professional and public interface… the opportunities are huge!  As with a recent registration of a Not-For-Profit called The Canadian Seniors Association.  It is these types of programs that the senior industry works with and trusts and it is with these programs that ASA™’s and MASTER-ASA™’s begin to be exposed in ways never before considered.

As we advanced the ASA™ training program we looked at it from the outside in. How will the users of a service look at a professional claiming to offer services? How will you decide on using a REALTOR® for your parent’s transition? Will it be based on a current relationship with a REALTOR® or will you seek a professional with a unique designation supported by industry experience, resources and trust enabling you to make informed decisions?  Keep in mind, for many this may be the last and most important move of their lives.

A Look Into the ASA™ Program

Pivotal ASA™ Transition VS Transaction
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As noted on the first slide above, this is a small segment of one of the after-class webinars we offer to help ASA’s™ deepen their understanding of the nature of working with seniors and their families.

Other webinars include topics such as ‘Will YOUR Next Move Be Made By Choice or Circumstance?’, ‘The Zero-Cost Way To Find Senior Clients & Families Helping Seniors In Transition’, and Person-Centered Selling.

Board & Brokerage Promo 2019-compressed

This is the brochure we send out to people enquiring about the Pivotal ASA™ Program. If a Real Estate Board or a Brokerage wishes to bring the Pivotal ASA™ Program in, and is providing the venue, refreshments, and promotion, we will offer a discount to the Board or Brokerage. Likewise, if the Board or Brokerage wishes to invoice people directly, we can do it that way and invoice you for payment on the second day of the Program. Download a copy of the brochure HERE

ASA Course Content

This is the content of the ASA™ In-Class Program as it is today. However, it is continuously being updated with more recent information. Our instructors are all high-producing REALTORS®, focused in the seniors market, and they bring their own day-to-day experiences, story’s, and successes to the students.

The information contained above is based upon the management having taken the SRES course a combined 8 times.

Please contact us if you would like to book the ASA™ Program for your Board or Brokerage, or if you have any questions.