Optional Training

These are some educational programs for people who are not Licensees of  the Pivotal-ASA™ program. There will be more content added over time. Click the title to proceed to register form. Each course is $25 plus HST. Courses range from 20 to 40 minutes, and access is for 90 days.

The available courses are:

    • How To Conduct Consumer Focus Groups
      It is always better to ask your target market what is important to them, rather than just guessing. This system for conducting consumer focus groups has been used successfully by REALTORS® across Ontario to conduct focus groups and gather valuable insights into the seniors psyche in their market area.


    • Financial Options For Seniors
      In this video, we dispel some of the myths around reverse mortgages and explain why they are a very good option for some people. We also illustrate some of the other options available at the time of release.


    • How To Build Your Network of Exceptional Specialists
      You can’t do it alone, not for any client, but with seniors and their families, it is different. Very different. Some of the most successful REALTORS® who work with seniors have more than 50 different types of professionals in their Network of Exceptional Specialists. This video will walk you through a system that shows you how to build this Network.


    • Seniors ARE Different
      Yes, people are people, but that doesn’t mean they all like to be spoken to the same way, nor do they like the same communication tools, and especially, their decisions come from vastly different places. IF you really want to have success working with seniors and their families, you need to understand this very clearly.


    • What Do I Do With My Prized Possessions?
      Of the three most-cited reasons that seniors are often very reluctant to move, what to do with their ‘stuff’ is right in the mix. As a Pivotal-ASA™, you must know what their options are in your local community. You must also know how to assure them that saying goodbye to some of their treasures is not the same as saying goodbye to the memories.


    • How To Find Senior Clients
      Sure, you can spend a load of money and go looking for strangers to market your senior services to. This module shows you the easier, cheaper, more value-packed and definitely more fun way to gain senior clients.