Pivotal ASA™ Refresher Program


All persons wishing to utilize the tools and systems available to them as graduates of the respective programs are required to sign a licensing agreement. This agreement outlines what is provided as a part of the license agreement, the terms under which said items may be used, and the termination of the agreement.

To view the Pivotal-ASA™ Licensing Agreement, click here for the version to be completed and submitted upon completion of the Pivotal-ASA™ Refresher training. Fees for this initial twelve month license are not included in the training program. At the time of renewing your License, you will be required to sign another Licensing Agreement.

These are the required modules for the Pivotal-ASA™ Refresher program, in the recommended viewing sequence.

Pivotal-ASA™ Course Introduction

Why Seniors Think The Way They Do




Seniors Housing Options


Taxes, Wills, and Insurance


Case Studies