Partner With Us

Partner with us.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Regardless of you being an individual entrepreneur, a small business, franchise or large brand, if you work with seniors or older adults we would love to hear from you and invite you to become part of our Pivotal-ASA™ or Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ affiliate program (MAP). With over 3,700 REALTORS® (along with professionals from among many other fields) having taken the course in the past 10 years, we are looking at bringing more value to not only our REALTOR® licensees but to expand the network and include other opportunities serving the senior market.

Tapping into the network:
We all know just how large the Senior market is but do you know how large it will be? It is estimated that there are 5.9 million Senior Canadians and that will be increasing to where Seniors will be 23% of the Canadian population by 2031 (Stats Can). It will become very important for individuals and organizations to be able to network in order to be ‘top of mind’ regardless of who is the resource for a client. As a service provider, one of your resources to network will be the ASA™’s and MASTER-ASA™’s as well as the Pivotal relationship. Understanding the importance of these relationships have allowed us to offer you the opportunity to become an affiliate member.

The benefits:
As a licensee of the program, you will receive:

  • Online or in class Pivotal-ASA™ program (For the Pivotal-MASTER-ASA™ affiliate program (MAP), licensees must complete all required training of the Pivotal-ASA™ and Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ training programs).
  • MAP Licensee will have opportunities to present at one of two annual Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ Advances – a great way to meet face to face with other affiliates and REALTORS®
  • MAP licensee will have opportunities to market or have an article posted to all members upon training completion.
  • MAP Licensee will have access to post to online opportunities as well as to the Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ closed facebook group.
  • MAP Licensee will have access to webinars as well as be presenters on webinars.
  • MAP Licensee will have the opportunity to receive any referrals as required by other Licensees
  • Use of the logo and identification of Licensee in your marketing and advertising

Who can be a Licensee of the Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ Affiliate Program? (MAP)

  • Any individual working in the senior market and meets the requirements.
  • Any organization that is working in the Senior market.
  • Lawyers serving senior clients: Estate lawyers, Wills and Executors, Probate
  • Accountants: Tax and Estate, Probate
  • Care providers
  • Lifestyle choice providers
  • Health Navigators
  • Retirement homes
  • Solution providers
  • Accessibility providers
  • Downsizers
  • Resource providers
  • …and more.

How do you qualify to be a Licensee of the Pivotal MASTER-ASA™ Affiliate Program? (MAP)

  • You must first qualify to become a Licensee by identifying your interest in the senior market.
  • Identify your product or service as being integral to seniors or their families.
  • Identify the length of time being in business or in the field of senior service as more than 3 years.
  • Provide a copy of incorporation or letter from corporate giving permission to be a Licensee.

Pivotal reserves the right to offer licenses or revoke licenses (as per License Agreement).

Finally, an organization that is working on providing older adults access to all the resources they need in a transition, from home care to navigation, real estate to guaranteed income. They need it, we’ve got it!

Be a part of it today!

Services requiring Licensing from their governing body will be referred accordingly. Pivotal Aging Innovations principal owner is a Licensed REALTOR® in Ontario.