Online Pivotal Training

Increase your closing ratio when working with seniors with the Pivotal-Accredited Senior Agent™ licensing program.

The problem we solve:

Canadian REALTORS® face many challenges within their business and for many they face complex challenges when working with seniors. Canadian REALTORS® are also faced with education requirements and advancing their knowledge base. With all the pressures in maintaining education, brand recognition, financial viability and competition, meeting the senior demand will become more of a factor facing REALTORS®. Missing a deal because you were not informed in knowing possible solutions, housing opportunities or simply how to understand the seniors’ needs is a costly mistake with a simple solution.

After 10 years of offering Canadian REALTORS® education when working with seniors, the Accredited Senior Agent™ program has now advanced to the Pivotal-ASA™ program and is available on-line. Now ALL Canadian REALTORS® can cost effectively access the Pivotal-ASA™ program and upon completion, become licensed in applying their new skills, opening their market strategies to target a huge transitioning demographic in their market – SENIORS.

But Wait, There’s MORE . . .

Pivotal is proud to announce the launch of the Pivotal ASA™ PLUS Program, for those wanting more, yet not ready to commit to the Pivotal Master ASA™. The ASA™PLUS Program is a series of 5 online learning sessions, each requiring approximately 1 hour to complete. You can read all the details HERE, and if you sign up for both the ASA™ AND the ASA™ PLUS together, you will receive a package discount of $100! Click HERE to register for this package.

STOP missing out on success with senior clients
and increase your closing ratios! 

Benefits of The Pivotal-ASA™ Program:

  • Easy to understand teaching model
  • Low cost of training
  • Advancing from the Pivotal-ASA™ designation to the Pivotal-MASTER-ASA™ licensing (For qualifying agents)
  • Convenient on-line delivery of program
  • Increased understanding of working with older adults
  • Become part of a growing network of REALTORS®
  • Previously acknowledged by RECO for CE credits
  • Become part of a greater network and development of the Pivotal programs targeted to Retirement lifestyles, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and training for care providers
  • Access to exclusive, usable, practical reports and marketing material
  • Practical information of what works and what doesn’t work
  • Access to webinars
  • Access to Pivotal advisors when assistance is needed
  • One on One or group coaching (fees apply)
  • A series of 8 Free Reports
  • A series of 8 postcards
  • A series of 5 Bi-Monthly emails
  • Systems for building your business
  • A series of Marketing Tips
  • A senior-targeted personal brochure
  • A system for Marketing Your Designation
  • A ‘Getting Started’ system
  • A ‘Marketing to Your Database’ system
  • Powerpoint presentations

ALL marketing and promotional materials have been updated and redesigned in 2018.

What we offer

We offer the updated Pivotal-ASA™ program in both LIVE EVENTS (selected dates) opportunity as well as on-line, allowing more agents access to the information needed when working with seniors. The on-line version is now accessible to all REALTORS®, in all cities across Canada as it suits your busy schedules. We have worked diligently in keeping the program:

  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to understand and
  • Simple for you to begin marketing your new license.

A Few of the Course Topics:

  • Why seniors think the way they do
  • Housing Options for seniors
  • Financial options for seniors
  • Senior Market Trends
  • How to build your Network of Exceptional Specialists
  • Marketing to seniors AND their adult kids
  • Communicating effectively with seniors and their adult kids
  • Choice or Circumstance

All designed to get you started in successfully handling more deals with seniors, and getting more referrals from them.

REALTORS® should always be advancing their education regardless of credits or monetary benefit. A good agent is one that passes the real estate courses. An exceptional one presents updated information and solutions to help clients make informed decisions. The Pivotal-Accredited Senior Agent™ program aims at delivering a basic understanding in working with seniors and older adults. For those REALTORS® with a more specific desire to sharpen their skills and narrow their senior niche market, the Pivotal Master-ASA™ program offers to advance their involvement within the senior transition market and join an elite group of senior-specific REALTORS®.


The Pivotal-ASA™ LIVE EVENTS training program may be offered by founder, Barry Lebow. With his more than 50 years in real estate, Barry brings decades of knowledge and insight to real estate. As the founder of the ASA™ program and combining efforts with Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., the redesigned and re-written Pivotal-ASA™ program promises to deliver experience in what works and what doesn’t work, where to spend your time and how to grow your senior business.

Pivotal Aging Innovations also delivers insight from within the care providing industry and corporate views. As a principal partner, Paul Cutajar holds his real estate license in Ontario and continues to develop programs and the advancement of the Master-ASA™ program. Pivotal also calls upon several industry consultants and advisors to provide guidance, program development and marketing opportunities.

Here’s what some ASA™ Graduates have to say about the program:

Fantastic info and the instructor was dynamic, well informed on topics, engaging and I recommend this course not only to agents but others that are interested in learning more about the seniors market!  Cheers!

Thank you so much Chris for all of the insight, wisdom and experience you shared in the course.  I’m glad I took this course and don’t know how I managed before.  This should be mandatory in OREA!  Thank you, would recommend to any agent who cares about their clients. Stephanie Wood
Some comments from a recent ASA Designation Program in Toronto:
“WOW! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know!!”
“So glad I took this course, but I feel like my brain is going to implode due to info overload”
“I will recommend this course to everyone! Really happy I finally attended”
“98.5%!! GREAT Course!!”
“Informative, Enjoyable, I would take it again!! Well Done!”
“Very interesting and stimulating. I enjoyed hearing facts and I’m looking forward to applying my people skills to this class of buyer/seller”
“Very clear good anecdotal language for implementing the program!”
Once again, the most informed instructor and educator I have met. I will be annually updating my knowledge through your seminars.
Andrew Tamburello – One of the best courses I have ever taken!! 
Shirley Smurlick – Awesome course, I learned more than I thought was possible in two days. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks.
Heather Cowie – So jam-packed with knowledge I can put to very good use in growing my business.