Pivotal ASA™ LIVE Online, Presented by The Oakville, Milton, and District Real Estate Board

If you’re like most Realtors, you have a problem.

Attracting new business can be a real challenge. Advertising is expensive, and rarely effective (unless done on a massive scale). We believe that the solution to attracting business is rooted in the type of business you are trying to attract.

There is one demographic that is a guaranteed growth market into the mid-2030’s – the senior’s demographic. In fact, we think of the senior niche as being longevity insurance for your real estate business.

Fortunately for you, the seniors real estate niche does not mean just working with seniors, because quite often the introduction to the potential senior clients will come from their adult children, or from a member of your Network of Exceptional Specialists. Your entire database becomes a potential source for referrals to seniors.

You need to understand that a great many seniors, and their adult children, don’t understand that their real estate needs are different from the real estate needs of younger people; that not all Realtors are created equal, and there are specialists available for special situations.

In our work with well over 1,000 seniors, we noted that they soon discovered that moving later in life is a lot different than moving when they were younger. We empower you to navigate these differences when serving seniors and their families.

The Pivotal ASA™ Program is a direct reflection of those differences. It is the only Canadian program that trains you in recognizing the uniqueness of each situation and empowers you with the tools to ensure a satisfactory outcome for seniors, and their families, that you work with. 

We are bringing you an opportunity to earn your Pivotal ASA™ designation. Offered in a LIVE Online version split into 3 x 3.5-hour segments on November 24th, December 1st & 8th, 2021, from 9:30 to 13:00 EST. Offered at the low investment of only $265 + HST & $9 Fee = $308.45! That’s a $100 savings to you.

This program is written to provide valuable training and resources for people in multiple professions. Spaces are limited to ensure a GREAT learning experience.

“I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of information, the storytelling to illustrate points, and the overall depth of knowledge the instructor has when it comes to working with seniors and their families. I was a nurse and home care provider for 24 years, and am very happy I took this program as I begin my new career in real estate.” LS 06-2021

In this recently-updated version of Canada’s most in-depth training on working with seniors and their families, these are some of the things you will learn about seniors:

  • What makes them tick
  • How they think
  • Why they think the way they do
  • Their Developmental Agenda’s
  • The Developmental Agenda’s of their adult kids
  • How to recognize the almost inevitable inter-family clashes
  • How to help families move forwards
  • Introduction to finding seniors in your business
  • How to Mine the Gold in your database
  • What marketing works, and why it works
  • Lots more topics

In addition to the topics above, you have access to a growing library of 60-90 minute training webinars that are proven to empower you to serve ALL your clients better, not just seniors. PLUS, you can attend these live webinars when they are offered.

You also have access to exclusive marketing content that was created with the investment of thousands of dollars. There are valuable information reports for clients and potential clients. There are Postcards for farming, offering these reports. Letters, Segment Marketing Systems, Presentations, Annual email series, and many more things.

“A fantastic learning experience! The instructor, working on the experience gained from working with more than 1,200 seniors, and his decades of studying seniors, was able to explain how we can win clients in this market. Not only that, his use of stories, both personal and from client experiences, made things really resonate with us. I am so happy I finally had the opportunity to take this course!.” TL 03-2021

When you register for this event, we will be asking how you found out about the course, and which real estate board you belong to as your primary board. If you are not a REALTOR®, please select the appropriate option.

For more about the Pivotal ASA™, ASA PLUS™, and Master ASA™ programs, please explore this web site.

Please note: There are no refunds on this course; transfers to a different online course date will be processed upon payment of a $100 fee.