Perhaps the Number One question we get is ‘What’s the difference between ASA and SRES?’ Our response:

SRES is transactional based; Pivotal-ASA™ is Transitional based.
(there may not be a move!)

The Pivotal-ASA™ is as much about understanding the person, the reason for the move as it is about the move. Tell me your story.

Benefits of ASA vs SRES


    • What is included in the Onboarding Package?
      – A series of 8 exclusive, Canadian information reports written to encourage people to contact you. Topics include: The 8 Most Important Questions I Will Ask You, The 7 Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire Any Agent, Insurance Matters, What Do I Do With All My ‘Stuff’?.
      – A series of 8 postcards you can personalize, written to encourage people to request the information reports.
      – A set of customizable PowerPoint presentations
      – A series of business-building system to empower you to grow your Network of Exceptional Specialists, build relationships with retirement residences, conduct consumer focus groups, and effectively work your database.
      – Recordings of a series of webinars titled Going Deeper; designed to get into the depths of working with seniors and their families.
      – A senior-focussed Personal Brochure.
      – Press Release template.
      – Letters to introduce your new knowledge to other professionals.
      – A series of information-rich emails to send to your entire database.This is just some of the value-packed material inside the Pivotal ASA™ Onboarding Package.


  • What credit cards do you accept?
    We accept Visa & Master Card only. We can also accept certified cheques or money orders made payable to Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc. and mailed to the address at the bottom of the page, however, we must receive the certified cheque or money order at least 10 days before start of class.

  • What are the qualifications for becoming a Pivotal-ASA™ Licensee?
    To become a Pivotal-ASA™ Licensee, you must first obtain the Accredited Senior Agent™ designation. You must meet all of the following criteria:

    1) Completion of the live two-day course or the online course, as presented by Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc.

    2) Payment of prescribed fees (class includes first year’s License)
    3) Have a minimum of three years real estate experience (can be in various disciplines other than directly in real estate sales – contact us if in doubt). NOTE: There are exceptions to this policy.
    4) Have no formal complaints at your provincial body, either current or pending, and not be an undischarged bankrupt.

  • Why should I earn the Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent™ designation?
    In simple terms, niche marketing. Given that the mature and senior market is going to dominate Canadian real estate for the next two decades, it makes sense to have a good understanding of this booming market, to be able to get your share of the listing and buying activity and most importantly – to learn how to drive business to come to you! 

In addition to this, through your License, you gain access to  tools to help you in your business – business-building systems, free reports, booklets, presentations, scripts, postcards, etc.

  • I am not a senior, does that mean that I cannot earn the designation?
    We purposely named this “The Senior Agent™” not the “Senior’s Agent.” The difference is that you are a Senior Agent™. The designation denotes a broker or salesperson who has earned their stripes by taking the course and who has been in the real estate industry for at least 3 years, or has equivalent experience. You become a Senior Agent™. You promote yourself as a Senior Agent™. You can be in your 20’s and become a Pivotal Accredited Senior Agent™.

  • What are the annual dues?
    The Annual License Fee is $99 + HST. Occasionally, someone questions why there is a renewal fee, so let us explain.

    1 – There are costs involved in maintaining the ASA™ organization
    2 – There are costs incurred in delivering the ongoing webinars, updating promotional materials, etc.
    3 – The $99 a year renewal fee is a pittance when compared to many other designations.

    If you have a bias against paying an annual fee, you are still welcome to take the course and avail yourself of the offered membership benefits for one year. That is included in the cost of your course registration. At the end of one year, should you choose to not renew, you are required to cease using the materials and to cease identifying yourself as an ASA™ in any way. If you continue to promote yourself as an ASA™, you will be in contravention of REBBA, and you will be an unauthorized user of the Trade Mark ASA™.

  • Will I automatically make more money with this designation?
    Answer. No! As we teach, “without promotion something terrible happens – nothing!” You must promote and let the public know that you have earned this prestigious designation and that you have the skills and knowledge to assist them and their families. Each member must promote the designation from basic print advertising to good website pages. Sharing of the Pivotal-ASA™ Facebook page content and network promotion is also suggested.
  • What are some of the benefits to me belonging to this association?
    Main answer, recognition. Being an arm of Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc., the Pivotal-ASA™ is no longer, when introduced correctly, viewed as just another bunch of agents looking for money. Rather, when presented as a part of a larger entity, the reception is much more in the way of recognition that there really is value to what an individual Pivotal-ASA™ brings to the table.

    As a Licensee, you will have access to the Pivotal-ASA™ Onboarding Package, which contains all of the materials you are free to use as long as you maintain your License These reports are for use with both the public and your professional sphere of influence.
  • What does Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. have to do with real estate? One of the principal owners (Paul Cutajar) has been a Licensed Ontario REALTOR® for 13 years, 7 years as an ASA™ and was instrumental in the development of the MASTER-ASA™ program. As Pivotal was developed in offering Innovative programs for older adults and those that work with them, it was a natural fit that the real estate component be inclusive of the overall programs and thus has become a unique organisation within the senior market.
  • For a description of how the process flows, please view the document ‘The Process’ under the ‘Training’ tab above.