Creating Your Capacity Guideline For Agents



Before you purchase this document, it is important that you understand where it is coming from, why it was created and who it is meant for.

As many services, such as real estate, interact with clients, it is no secret that many of the clients your agents, representatives and employees will be in contact with are going to be of a mature age (some will be younger) yet for some physical, emotional or mental reason, theywould be considered as vulnerable or potentially under the influence.  It is for this demographic that we offer this information in order to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls you may find yourself in.  That is not to say that the contents of this document may or may not be applied to other age-groups or capacity challenges.

It is our experience that a commission-based industry has a tendency to be motivated by the commission rather than hesitating with caution.  We think it would be fair to say that each agent represents themselves within their own moral boundaries and that brokerages are not all built the same.

It would be our hope that you would be interested in elevating your service and making efforts to not be the Realtor® highlighted in the newspapers for the wrong reasons. This policy package is offered to you as a base to build your personal capacity policy on, and to that end, we have included background information.

We suggest that you connect with your lawyer in creating your own policy. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered a complete policy or to be used as-is.  All readers of this document are advised to seek independent legal advice.  Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. its owners, affiliates, and staff take no responsibility in the content or how it is used.  This document has been provided for information purposes only.

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