About Pivotal Master-ASA™

What is the Pivotal Master-ASA™?

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ is the PhD of senior service in Canada; it is the elite of Canadian professionals who have chosen to specialize in helping seniors and their families with late-in-life moves.

Watch this video to hear from the original 10 Master-ASA’s:

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ is an off-shoot of the Pivotal-ASA™ Seniors Real Estate program, Canada’s largest real estate program, and the only Canadian program that trains REALTORS® in the differences in working with seniors. With some 3,800 graduates, the Pivotal-ASA™ has a significant presence in the professions that serve seniors, with graduates of the program including accountants, lawyers, financial planners, retirement residence managers, mortgage professionals, amongst others.

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ designee is someone with extensive experience working with seniors and their families, through every stage of the to-move-or-not-to-move decision process. To become a Pivotal Master-ASA™ requires proof of this extensive experience, as well as completion of further educational programs, and a longer tenure in serving seniors and their families. Pivotal Master-ASA’s™ typically have very extensive networks with every field surrounding late-in-life moves. At the bottom of this page are short explanations by some of our Pivotal Master-ASA’s™ of why they are so passionate about helping seniors and their families.

Here, Barry Lebow, a 50-year veteran of real estate, explains the Pivotal Master-ASA™

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ Mission

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ designee’s Mission with their clients is to facilitate late in life moves in such a way as to ensure that senior adult clients and their families have access to professionals with a full appreciation for the unique circumstances occurring in transactions involving older adults & the competency to ensure their successful completion.

In a nutshell, every day, the Pivotal Master-ASA™ does the things consumers will likely only have to do once in a lifetime; for a Pivotal Master-ASA™, it is a familiar process. For  consumers, it will likely be a confusing, stressful, intimidating process.

The Pivotal Master-ASA Purpose for the licensees is:

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ is committed to delivering high quality value packed resources to exceptional professionals to empower them to provide outstanding service to their senior clients and families.

The Pivotal Master-ASA™ UVP, or Unique Value Proposition, is:

Empowering you to serve seniors at the highest level. 

Quite simply, as a Pivotal Master-ASA™, we give you Advanced and Expanded Tools to elevate you above all of your competitors.

Quotes from Pivotal Master-ASA’s™:

After watching my parents move to a retirement residence, then my mom going to a long-term care facility and my dad moving in with me, I felt frustrated, sad & overwhelmed. Since then, I have developed a process to support seniors & their families make this transition a happier, efficient & more fun time. I understand concerns & take the time to listen respect what they are going through. It may take years for the senior to be ready, and other times it may be only a several month process. It’s important to recognize there is no one solution for everyone.”   Trudi Johnston

“As a Pivotal Master-ASA™, we provide a dedicated service for senior’s and their families in transition. Working with our team of professionals catering to the senior clientele, we provide a ‘Plan of Action’ for your future, including Health, Wealth and Real Estate.”     Paul Cutajar

We have the information clients are looking for, whether it is creating a monthly income, assessing tax incentives from the government for disability retrofit, market value assessment of their property, knowledge of different housing options, referrals to our network of exceptional specialists in various areas such as wills and power of attorney, repair work or renovations etc. Our greatest asset is that we are the one person that they can come to to fulfill all their needs and wishes.”     Magda Zecevic

I smooth out a difficult process and try to make it as easy as possible. As a professional I have control, I know who to call when needed, from cleaners to tax consultants. I focus on the family’s needs, I understand the emotions involved and never lose sight that this an emotional period. I will work to achieve maximum price by providing maximum service. I am a professional.”     Barry Lebow

My wife and I were part of the “sandwich generation”. I was the “designated sibling”, being the one in Toronto. She was an only child with aging parents living in Montreal. Within 3 years, our kids went to 4 funerals. So I’ve “been there”. We’ve also watched and supported friends who followed similar (but never the same) paths. I have had to deal with CCAC, hospital staff, Long Term Care, home help for parents, lawyers, wills, probate, and then funeral arrangements.

You have to WANT to do it as a Pivotal Master-ASA™.”     Wilf Mandel